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This post is here to show you at a glance what we have going on and what is the latest chicken availability for sale.

Hatching Commencing

The incubators are on and we are busy preparing for the first chicks of the year. The chicks are due to hatch on 16th February 2019. Hatching this time are Araucana, Cochin and Hedgerow Homemade. We can sell these as unsexed or in a few weeks time they will be sold with a female guarantee once we are able to tell the boys from the girls.

Newly hatching chicks
Hatching day for chicks at Hedgerow Henporium

Breeds available this year

This year we are planning to have the following breeds available. Availability will change during the year due to popularity. We hatch the hybrids outselves from hatching eggs which we import from Northern Ireland so therefore these require a bit more planning for us to supply these. The Muirfield breeds are genuine stock which come from Scotland. Deliveries of these are available as chicks or even at point of lay.  Point of lay are usually only here by special order unless we have raised them from chicks ourselves. If you want point of lay Muirfield layers stock as a special order, we will need a deposit beforehand to secure them.  Please click here to ask us for details.

  • Araucana
  • Cochin
  • Brahma
  • Sussex
  • Swedish Flower Hens
  • Welsummer
  • Faverolles
  • Marans
  • Cream Legbar
  • Muirfield Black Rock,
  • Muirfield Brown Rock
  • Muirfield Utility Sussex
  • White Leghorn
  • Blacktail
  • Cuckoo
  • Ambers
  • Rhode Rock
  • Sussex Rock
  • Other commercial hybrids
  • Hedgerow Homemades

First chicks of the season

I have uploaded a video of some of our first chicks for the 2018 season. Female only guaranteed. Price is £7 each at day old however the price increases by £1 per week to take account of feed and cleaning costs. They are beautiful and sooo cute. We include full instructions with every sale and support via email or telephone whenever you need it.

We have 10 different kinds; all female. They are top quality commercial quality hybrids. Eggs are a-plenty with these girls. They make ideal pets or allotment birds. Contact us for details.

What is a Hybrid

Hybrid chicks are produced normally to go into the egg trade as they are very reliable layers. They are created by specific hatcheries to a secret recipe using specially selected strains of parent stock. This way the egg producers can get the most eggs out of one bird. This is not something we necessarily agree with on many levels but in a home or allotment setting where they are loved and cared for as part of the family, they can live very happy lives.

Many places sell hybrids that are raised by the barnfull in their thousands. This gives little opportunity to have any meaningful human contact. They pile them high and sell them cheap. We buy the birds in at day old and raise them at home. They get lots of time to interact with people and are confident and non-skittish by the time they are sold.

A hybrid crossed with a hybrid won’t produce the same bird as its offspring.  A pure breed mated to the same pure breed will result in another copy of the parents. This means they breed true. Hybrids don’t breed true but pure breeds do breed true.  A crossbreed (as in our Hedgerow Homemades) are random pairings which also do not breed true, but don’t produce any prescribed results as in the meticulously designed hybrids. Crossbreeds are therefore happy accidents and the colours and characteristics you get are quite an addiction as you never know what you are going to get.

Our current hybrid stock