Retiring Egg Laying Flock Description

This is a selection of our egg laying flock that are due for retirement. Our retirement ladies come from our egg-producing flock and are still laying but won’t be expected to lay an egg every day. When a chicken gets older, then her laying capacity will tail off. Some might even lay very infrequently. They are all in good health and would like to find a nice home, preferably in a small flock so that they can enjoy their well-earned rest.

As they have been with a cockerel for some time they are looking a little “careworn” for example, they look somewhat scruffy. Cockerels are magnificent birds, however, they do create quite a bit of feather damage to our girls. Some of them have missing feathers from their heads and backs but the feathers will grow back in a few weeks with some TLC, a good diet, and some girly “me” time. Now it is Autumn time, they are consequently going into moult and as a result are resembling a hedgehog in parts while they are growing their new finery.

Some of these girls are crossbreeds, which are a mixed bunch, with various chicken genetics, including Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Cotswold Legbar, Leghorn, Rhode Rock, Burford Brown and Indian Game. We have some pure breeds in there too, such as Cochin, Salmon Faverolles and La Fleche. They are priced individually according to age and breed. Please ask for details of our availability as it changes regularly.

They have names like Ebony, Dora, and Wonky (she has deformed feet from being late out of her shell.

Breed Size

A Welsh Black is a large and solidly built bird. The La Fleche is a slender build. The Cochins are a hefty bunch as are the Salmon Faverolles. They are all classified as large fowl. Some are light and some are heavy.

Breed Temperament

All our egg flock are pretty docile with no real squabbles going on. They are all good-natured girls.


They lay good numbers of medium to large eggs. The colours we get are from white through to a pale pinkish tinted colour