Amber Breed Description

The Hedgerow Amber chicken is a lovely commercial hybrid lady. Top strains of Rhode Island White and Rhode Island Red are in her breed profile. Rhodie based chicken genetics are in most of the top egg producing breeds, therefore, she is almost an egg factory on legs. She is a creamy white hen with varying amounts of amber across her wings and back. Some ambers have lots of dark amber, and some have a faint amber hint to the feathers. She is very beautiful indeed however we could be described as biased. We think they do look very feminine with their soft colouring. Amber link is the name that is also often used to describe this hybrid.

Breed Temperament of the Hedgerow Amber Chicken

Ambers in common with all Rhode Islands, have a friendly, calm and inquisitive nature. It is unusual for the Ambers to be aggressive with their coop mates.

Breed Size

An Amber chicken is classified as a large fowl. She is fairly stocky


She is a top producer of about 300 light brown eggs in her first laying year.