Hedgerow Buff Barred Description

A Hedgerow Buff Barred is a beautifully marked lady. She is also a top quality commercial hybrid. The Buff Barred is a product between a Barred Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island Red. Her attractive feathers have soft cream barring on a red background to her petticoat feathers. There is a smattering of black and cream on a background of red over her wings and back. Her tail sports a black tip as do her neck hackles. She is a beautiful and productive member to add to your flock.

Breed Temperament

The Buff Barred is a calm and friendly bird but with an adventurous streak. She loves to investigate new things. She is a good hen in a mixed flock too.

Breed Size

She is classified as large fowl – light.


A Buff Barred is a top egg layer, with around 300 brown shelled eggs in her first laying year.