Hedgerow Lavender Breed Description

Hedgerow Lavender is a powder blue beauty. She is commercial hybrid using top strains of Blue Plymouth Rock and Barred Plymouth Rock.  A Lavender can vary in her colouring from pale grey to a darker blue/grey. She has darker lacing around the edge of each feather which is more noticeable in some hens more than others. Her neck feathers are darker too and again it is more prominent in some hens rather than others. These hens are very similar looking to a Bluebell

Breed Temperament

Personality wise she is a calm hen and has a good character. They can vary enormously in terms of bravery. Some birds can be very skittish whilst others are very “in your face”. They don’t generally cause any problems within a mixed flock. She is a real sweet natured beauty.

Breed Size

A Lavender has quite a matronly build, but neither too big nor too small.


She can be expected to lay over 300 delicious darker brown eggs in her first year.