The Light Sussex is one of our oldest breeds

The Hedgerow Light Sussex hybrid is a new and improved version of the heritage breed of Light Sussex. A Sussex breed has been around in England since AD43. This breed fed many a family during the 2nd world war when food was hard to come by. Sussexes are often used as the basis for many other breeds and due to its egg-laying ability, it is often used in hybridisation programmes to enhance the egg quantity.

Hedgerow Light Sussex Breed Description

This Hedgerow Light Sussex hybrid is a commercial quality hybrid created by carefully selected utility strains of Light Sussex. This beautiful girl is more like the old fashioned strains of a by-gone era when egg quantity was not sacrificed for beauty. She is still a very striking looking bird but does not have the full-on dark black neck hackles of the show standard Light Sussex hens but she will outlay them considerably. Her neck hackles are a very dark grey and not as bold. The tip of her tail and wing tips are also classic Light Sussex.

For those that do not know, the term “utility” means that the birds are a pure breed but the breeders have carefully selected them to excel by function rather than score points in a beauty pageant. They may not be show winners, therefore, in the beauty stakes because they don’t tick all the boxes for perfect feather patterning etc.. When it comes down to egg laying, however, they beat the beauties hands down. They are historically a dual purpose breed so they put a good amount of meat on their frame as a table bird.

The hens have quite a matronly body whereas the boys stand tall and large. Sussex chickens come in a variety of colours, red, light, white, speckled, coronation, silver and buff. There is also a bantam version which is a quarter of the size of the birds we have.

Breed Temperament

This is a fairly gentle breed, which is usually in the middle of the pecking order status of the flock. She is not generally known to have a feisty attitude. She gets on well with other hens in a mixed flock. Her temperament is calm and yet attentive.

Breed Size

They are classified as large fowl – light. This breed is quite matronly looking as they are quite stocky.


This hybrid strain is not a “fancy” fowl but her egg laying credentials are top notch. The egg colour is light brown to cream tinted and she can be expected to lay around 300 tasty brown shelled eggs in her first laying year.