Partridge Leghorn Description

The Hedgerow Partridge Leghorn is a gorgeous commercial hybrid hen resulting from Gold and Partridge Brown Leghorns. She will lay 280 eggs large cream or white eggs in her first year. These pictures definitely do not do her justice.  They are more slender than the other hens we have but their colours are stunning. She has yellow and chestnut neck hackles, grey petticoats, and a rich mahogany to the wings and back interspersed with black and grey pencilling. They look fairly similar in colour to a Welsummer chicken. As they are lighter and more active they may need wing clipping if escape will cause them injury. They are pretty good fliers as their body weight is lighter than most large fowl.

Breed Temperament

As she is a Leghorn she is a very active and inquisitive bird. Never far away when there are worms to be had. Leghorns in general are quite flighty and aloof, however with considerate handling they can be very friendly. Chase a Leghorn and you will always chase a Leghorn. Their acrobatics when you do decide to chase them will tie you in knots, so don’t begin.

Breed Size

The Partridge Leghorn is classified as a large fowl – light.


Eggs are large and white or may be cream in some individuals.