Hedgerow Sussex Rock

Our Hedgerow Sussex Rock is a mostly black hen and is part Sussex and part Barred Plymouth Rock. She is a top quality commercial hybrid layer of around 300 eggs in her first laying year. She has silver flashes on her neck and breast. In some hens the silver is very pronounced and others have a lesser abundance of silvering around the neck. The black feathers shine a spectacular beetle green in the sun. This hen is often called a Silver Sussex.

Breed Temperament

The Sussex Rock has a lovely nature. Our Sussex Rock always seems to be first to the door to greet me, always the first to the food and love a good old chat and tells me all her news when we have a cuddle. They have loads of personality but are kind to their flock-mates.

Breed Size

The Sussex Rock is classified as a large fowl – light


300 large mid brown eggs in their first laying year 23-78 weeks.