urplus cockerel availability

As we breed most of our own birds, we often have some surplus cockerels for sale. They are priced according to breed

Black La Fleche £15 each

We currently have some La Fleche boys that need a quality home with flocks of their own. These cockerels are 2017 hatched and are very calm and non-aggressive types. The La Fleche is known as the devil chicken due to their funky V shaped horn type comb, but their temperament is not devilish in the slightest. La Fleche are rare. These are split for blue as the parent hens were black and the cock was blue La Fleche which is even rarer. These boys are all completely black, glossy and stunning. These are £15 each. Here is Shadow

Salmon Faverolles £10 each

Our next lot of boys are Salmon Faverolles. These are all pure and look to be quite fine examples of their breed. They are not yet in full feather as they have yet to get their full tail feathers. These are all 2017 hatched. These are £10 each.

Swedish Flower Hens £15 each

We have a small number of Swedish Flower Hen cockerels. They are 2017 hatch and are not fully grown yet but are well on their way. We have non-crested boys in these batch. A black-based and a blue-based version. All stunning. These are £15 each.