Surplus cockerels availability

As we breed most of our own birds, we often have some surplus cockerels for sale. They are priced according to breed


Araucana Cockerels Large Fowl £15 each

We currently have some pure Araucana cockerels that need a quality home with flocks of their own. These cockerels are 2018 hatched and are very calm and non-aggressive types. We have them in Blue, Lavender, and Black. They are just mature enough now to be producing fertile eggs imminently. They have good beards and facial muffs too. These are £15 each. These are from a blue egg strain.


Salmon and Blue Faverolles £10 each

Our next lot of roosters are Salmon Faverolles. These are all pure and look to be quite fine examples of their breed. They are not yet in full feather as they have yet to get their full tail feathers. These are all 2018 hatched. Gregory is a bit naughty, in that he likes to peck at my shoes, hence his name. These are £10 each.

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Swedish Flower Hens £15 each

We have a small number of Swedish Flower Hen cockerels. They are 2018 hatch and are now fully grown and ready to look after their own girls. We have non-crested boys and crested boys in these batch. A black-based and a blue-based version which are stunning. These are still very rare in this country. The whole point of this rare breed however is to not select for colour traits. It evolved in its native Sweden over generations of random wild introductions. These have eventually created the lovely flowering of the feathers in the breed today. These are £15 each.

Cream Legbar Boys £15 each

Correct colour for their breed. From good breeding lines. Very nice boys indeed.

Coronation Sussex Rooster £15

Another rare boy available. He is a little pale coloured but if he is paired with Light Sussex the resulting hens will have a more pronounced grey colour on the neck hackles.