Welsummer History

Welsummer chickens get its name from the village of Welsum near the town of Deventer in the Netherlands where they were slowly created in the farms and surrounding villages from 1880 onwards. Birds were from assorted origins and were selected for their large dark brown eggs over their looks. It is thought that the Brahma, Cochin, Malay, the dark brown egg laying Croad Langshan and later, the Rhode Island Red and Brown Leghorn is in the makeup of these birds. They do look quite similar to our own Partridge Leghorn.

Breed Description

The Welsummer chicken is mainly mid brown with yellow pencilling on her feathers. The looks very demure and feminine. She is a medium sized chicken that lays a gloriously coloured rich brown egg. She is not a top egg layer but she will certainly lay a good number of eggs. Dark eggs take longer to produce because the depth of colour requires a little more time in the “manufacturing” stage. The cock bird is a lot darker than the hen. Kellogs symbol on their Cornflakes packet is called Cornelius is reputed to be a Welsummer. The reason Kellogs chose him was that someone pointed out to them that the name Kellog was similar to ‘ceiliog’, which is Welsh for cockerel.

Breed Temperament

A Welsummer is a good flock member, not too timid or aggressive with any of her coop-mates.

Breed Size

They come in bantam and large fowl of which we do the large variety. They are classified as large fowl – light


Welsummers produce a medium-large rich chocolate brown egg. The colour fades a little through their laying cycle but still a basket of these lovely eggs is a joy to behold.

We don’t have many Welsummers as we only hatch a few times a year of this breed, so if you would like some we would need some notice to get some on the go for you.