We provide a few different packages of incubation equipment hire. Notably variations on incubators or brooders. A bit more info is below.

Incubator Hire

If you ever thought about how exciting it would be to hatch your own chicks then this is a great opportunity for you. I have to confess that hatching chicks never gets boring or mundane. I always feel quite anxious in fact, almost like a new mum when the eggs are due to hatch that day. Will they or won’t they. How many will I get from the eggs I have set. These are questions that go over in mind when the due date arrives. I almost feel like I should pace up and down.

Covatutto 16L incubator in use at Hedgerow Henporium

I have several different types of incubators but the ones I hire out are fully automatic and do all the hard work for you. You won’t need any guessing or technical know-how to operate these little beauties. The incubator counts down the days (21 to be exact) to hatch date. Our fully automatic hire incubators will monitor the temperature. They will turn the eggs, just like mum does.  They deal with the humidity required for a successful exit from the egg. They nurture a newly hatched chick while it dries off ready to meet the world.

This is a totally addictive and wondrous experience for young and old alike. You can experience it for yourself and your family by hiring one of our packages. If you want to know more contact us via our contact page. More information is also available on our booking site Click here for details

Brooder Hire

A brooder is a term for a housing which is used to contain and nurture newly hatched chicks. It contains everything a newly hatched chick needs to stay alive. A well designed brooder makes it easy to provide chicks with food, a water source, and a heat source. It also needs to be easy to clean and have good visibility for the growing brood. We have designed or brooders to provide all of these essentials. We have automatic watering and good capacity feeders so that you don’t need to be worrying about lack or water or feed running out.

Chick brooder hire equipment
We hire out this brooder set up to get your chicks off to a great start