Ever thought of keeping garden chickens?

We are a chicken breeder in Ellesmere Port. Our home bred chickens are suitable for most gardens however large or small. We have friendly chickens to satisfy the needs of garden keepers, allotmenteers and smallholders.

If you think you can’t keep chickens in your garden or allotment – think again – you’re missing out. Chicken keeping in the garden has become one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK at the moment and with good reason. It’s not until you start to keep chickens that you realise that they are a lot more fun than you imagine.Doris01

  • Chickens like to be cuddled – fact.
  • A chicken loves to chat – fact.
  • They love to be around you – fact.
  • Chickens are always pleased to see you – fact.
  • Having garden chickens is a wonderfully calming influence on you when you feel stressed – fact.
  • What other pet sorts out your breakfast by providing the most delicious breakfast eggs – yet another unmistakable fact.
  • These beautiful creatures are the gift that keeps on giving.
  • By keeping chickens, you will begin to see and appreciate all birds in a whole new light.

Hedgerow Henporium is based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, not far from Wirral and North Wales and we are also agents for the famous Black Rock chickens that are delivered to us direct from the Muirfield hatchery in Scotland.

What sort of chicken breeder are we?

Hedgerow Henporium is a chicken breeder of various types of lovely chickens in Cheshire. We handle them daily to ensure that they are socialised and, therefore, make perfect pets. No Rocky Balboa moments required here!!

We can supply cute fluffy day old chicks to 18+ week point-of-lay chickens.

If you want to witness the magic miracle of new life, we can supply hatching eggs, or even incubators for hire if you don’t have a broody hen. Our incubator hire and brooder hire packages are very reasonable and fully equipped, to remove all the guesswork.

We can also hatch to order for you if you would like a specific breed.

Our girls are sent off with their newly adoptive parents with care notes appropriate to their age.

All our birds come with lifetime aftercare support too.

What we don’t do

We don’t keep bantam sized chickens. Check our blog page here to find out 8 reasons why feel you would be short-changed with them. We can hatch them for you if you provide your own eggs, but otherwise they are not what we stock. Large fowl that lay proper sized eggs is what we are about.

Need more info? Ask us for more details

If you are unsure about whether you are able to keep garden chickens give us a call today on 01244–646-026. We never need much prompting to talk about chickens.

Not sure if chicken keeping is for you?

We also run very popular chicken keeping courses to give you plenty of practical confidence. It’ll give you the perfect head start you need in order to keep these adorable (and frankly addictive) chickens for the garden.  A course is ideal to let you see what is involved before you put your toes in the water. Details here on our Courses page.

Why not give it a try and join the fastest growing hobby in the UK. Call or message us today!
We hope to meet you very soon.

Julie and Keith

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