Hedgerow Homemade

Hedgerow Lavender Hybrid

Hedgerow Homemade Breed Description

Our Hedgerow Homemade chickens are currently from a mix of Swedish Flower Hen boys with our laying flock of Swedish Flower Hens and Ancona. The Swedish boys also have Swedish girls in the flock. Any white eggs from the Ancona are readily identifiable for incubation purposes.

They come in a variety of colours especially with those Swedish Flower Hen genes.

Most are handled regularly to ensure that they are happy to be held by their new owners. They are all large fowl rather than bantam sized, so most will lay a good sized egg.

We have called them Hedgerow Homemade because that is exactly what they are. The exciting time is when they hatch and it’s like a Forrest Gump moment, “you never know what you’re gonna git”. We always love when they start to feather up, as it’s then that their true identity begins to show itself. It’s totally fascinating and consequently, we find it difficult to let them go because they do turn out quite unique and rather lovely.

Breed Size

Our Hedgerow Homemade would be classed as Large Fowl and either light or heavy. Some are definitely more chunky than others!

Breed Temperament

Variable mostly placid but some may be a little flighty or standoffish if they have more Ancona in them for example. Given the right handling they are apt to become quite calm and interactive. They do reserve the right to be contrary 🙂


Egg colour could be anything from white through to a medium brown colour. They will be medium to large in size. Quantity would be anything from 80 to up to 200 in their first laying year.


The Hedgerow Homemade starts at £7.50 for unsexed day-olds and rises to £25 each with age


We have some growers left at around the 10-12 week mark.