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Ixworth Chickens

Ixworths are one of the rarest breeds in the UK but in our opinion one of best. We are very fortunate to have been able to source some excellent breeding stock.

Ixworth Breed Description

The Ixworth was created some time ago by Reginald Appleyard who also designed some other chickens and ducks. Ixworths are pure white with white legs and a pea comb. They also have small wattles in the hen and quite small wattles in the cockerel. They are a solidly built bird with a neat head and beady eye.

The Ixworth breed was created by Reginald Appleyard, starting in 1931 and launched at the 1938 London Dairy Show, and named after the Suffolk village of his birth.

His aim was to produce a top quality, fast maturing table bird that would also lay more and avoid the other utility problems associated with the Indian Game breed.

Breeds used in its make included White Sussex, White Orpington, White Minorca, White Old English Game, Jubilee and Dark Indian Game. 

The breed nearly went extinct in the 1950s as faster growing hybrid broilers arrived.  Rare breed conservationists began to revive Ixworth’s in the 1970s and now there are now about 20 enthusiastic breeders but only four exhibitors.


  • The Ixworth is a deep-bodied, medium to large breed. They are solid and heavy.
  • Birds should have white legs with a pinkish tinge, orange eyes, a red pea comb and hold their tail fairly low
  • Ixworth is only in one colour, white.
  • This breed has small wattles in the hen. The comb and wattles on the cockerel are also quite small.


An Ixworth is a dual purpose chicken. This means it is suitable for egg production or a table bird. It is white fleshed and some say it provides the best quality meat of any pure breed.  However like most pure breeds it is best to prepare for the table at no more than 12-14 months. Depending on the strain the Ixworth hen should produce about 150-180 medium-sized off-white/cream eggs in a year.

Ixworth Breed Temperament

As a breed in general Ixworths are a mild mannered chicken. Both the hens and cockerels are good in a mixed flock with no behavioural problems. The Ixworth hen is a really sweet chicken, because they are not aggressive at all in a flock. Ixworths are quite chatty but I have noticed that their voice and phrasing is different to other chickens. The Ixworth cockerels in particular are lovely. Both males and females are somewhat skittish, but nowhere in the same league as a Leghorn.

An Ixworth hen will go broody during the year, but they are easy to pursuade otherwise. They are capable of covering 30 or more eggs in a nest, surprisingly which is more than I have ever seen from any other chicken. Even our massive Brahmas couldn’t control such a huge number of fertile eggs. Needless to say we removed some so that her workload wasn’t as much.

Breed Size

An Ixworth is a large fowl, heavy in terms of size. They are fast growing.


Eggs from an Ixworth are pale tinted (off white)

Further Information

You can read further information on our other chickens here on our chickens for sale page. If you are keen to learn more, we run an online instant access course in Chicken Keeping. Find out more about our Courses Here.

The Ixworth hens are the all white chickens in this video above. Swedish Flower Hens are currently in the same run.

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Latest stock page so you can see at a glance what we have going on and what is the latest chicken availability for sale.

  • Black Rock Hens
  • Young Ixworth cockerel
  • Swedish hens
  • Pair of Cockerels looking into the kitchen window
  • Ixworth Cockerels head picture
  • Araucana egg in nest
  • Cream Legbar
  • Young grower hens
  • Marsh Daisy hen and cockerel
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Latest Chicken availability as at 9th August 2023

Our incubators are busy incubating our eggs ready for this year. We had quite a few point of lay left over from last year but they have all been sold and all we have are chicks now. The nice thing about youngsters is that they are easier to handle for novices.

New Breeds Available

We will be offering some new breeds this year such as Ixworth and USA Silkies. Ixworth are very rare and deserve to be kept by more people. USA Silkies are small versions of bantams. They come in various colours as we don’t breed for colour. They are a good standard but not officially recognised colours. Marsh Daisies are a chicken breed which originated in Lancashire. Marsh Daisy chickens will be offered for sale at intervals through the year albeit in small numbers. Norfolk Grey are another rare breed that we have as a guest hatching.

Hatching Eggs – Available Now at £2.50 per egg

We have hatching eggs available now. Fertility is good.

Waiting List – Not currently needed as we have plenty of stock.

Our waiting list is if you want to be told when our latest stock is ready. You can register on our contact form to go on the waiting list if you would like to keep informed. How our waiting list works. You can sign up to our occasional newsletter service if you wish as an alternative.

Latest stock Available Listed below. Price rises with age each Monday

  • Other CockerelsSwedish Flower, USA Silkie, Ixworth, Faverolles. All £15 each
  • Faverolles – Chicks available from May 2023 £35 at POL. Chicks from £10.50 but rise in price on a Monday
  • Black Rock ® – Delivery arrived in July. They are 5 weeks old and £15.50
  • Brown Rock ® – Deliveries at intervals during the year – Awaiting a delivery
  • Cream Legbar – available next spring 2024
  • Swedish Flower hens – available now in chick form from £10.50. Limited number of sexed growers including cockerels. Price rises each Monday
  • Marsh Daisies – we have a pair left. Male and female.
  • Coronation Sussex We can no longer do these
  • Ixworth – Chicks available now from May 2023. Cockerels available
  • Norfolk Grey – available next spring 2024
  • Rhode Island Red – available next spring 2024
  • USA Silkies – Various colours of chicks unsexed. These are a small bantam. Unsexed

Breaking News!!!!

Teacher chicken

Exciting development. Our chicken keeping and incubation courses are now ONLINE. See our Poultry Courses Page for details so you can START ONE TODAY.

Easy to follow

We are hoping that people will find the easy-to-follow bite size chunks an enjoyable experience. It is crammed with masses of information you should know about keeping chickens. It will take you on a deep dive into the fascinating world of this wonderful creature. We guarantee that you will therefore learn things that will make you think about chickens in a totally new light.

Getting it right

It will help you to make good equipment choices, and get your husbandry right. Spotting illness quickly is a biggie because unless you are able to spot sickness, it can rapidly get way out of hand. A slow or wrong diagnosis can then be catastrophic for the chicken.

Easing the burden

Getting the right coop for example will make the cleaning out of your chickens a 10 minute job rather than a real thankless task. We help you get it right, first time. This saves you money and time and who doesn’t need some of that?


Chickens are enjoyable however making poor choices can take the shine off it very quickly.

Premium Chickenguard

We are now able to offer Chickenguards for your coops

Having chickens is great but getting up early in the morning however to let them out especially in Summer is not so great.

Fitting a chickenguard on your coop means you can have that lie in or even just get up at normal time rather than chicken time.

Chickenguards will allow you to go out of an evening and not have to get back at dusk to shut your chooks away. Chickenguard will do it all for you. Your chickens will not demand that you become party poopers.

Battery powered with 4 AA batteries which last from 6 to 12 months.

Visit our shop page for more info

Henlay Coop

We are now stocking Henlays Roost chicken coops.

Perfectly designed coops that are manufactured from 12mm thick recycled plastic sheets. That is thicker than most other plastic coops.

Built with both chicken welfare and human welfare in mind because humans matter too. They look and feel solid.

No more back breaking stooping or crouching to clean out. Contortionism is also not required. Just open the roofline, lift the well spaced perches out and hey presto, the entire coop area is at the mercy of your shovel and scraper.

Red mite will be spotted in double quick time so therefore you can treat if necessary as they have no where to hide.

Visit our shop page for details

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