Chicken Manure Recycling Scheme

We have lots of chicken manure

In fact we have more chicken manure than we can handle. This is the reason we are running a FREE chicken manure recycling scheme.  Chicken manure is perfect for hot composting. In exchange for a stout bag you can take some away for FREE. Check details below for full information

What is chicken manure good for?

Chicken manure is like black gold. It is literally hot stuff. Whilst It is too hot to go onto plants while it is fresh, it will start to heat up a well-turned composting heap and turn it into usable compost that is great for the garden in weeks. It produces very rich compost that will turn any growing area into an oasis.

How the scheme works

Once you have decided to join, all you need to do is to drop off some some bags or containers here at Hedgerow Henporium. Make sure each bag or container is well marked with your name and contact number. If we are not in you can simply leave them by the bins. We will fill them for you and let you know when you can collect again. Prompt collection is appreciated as the longer they remain outside the more soggy they become when it rains. Both you, and our neighbours will benefit from the swift collection enormously.

Sometimes we have loads of bags in our stash and we don’t always need spares. We do appreciate you returning them for re-use though so we can continue to fill them. In this scenario just empty your bags and then put them behind our bins. Undamaged bags are re-used repeatedly.

As you will probably be transporting in your car, make sure that you bring bags that are not going to leak. The manure weighs about 15kg per load so the bags need to be able to take that weight without tearing when they are lifted. Make sure that you line your car with a waterproof cover in case of seepage due to condensation within the bags.

The manure comes from our coops when we clean out. It is fresh and is mixed with their bedding of chopped rape straw. You can have as much or as little as you want. When you want more, just drop your bags off near the bins and we will sort it out for you.

How to do Composting with chicken manure

Good composting is all about making your microbes happy. They require air and a little moisture. Keep the balance right and your heap will heat up quickly. Ours gets to 60 degrees in days. While it is in the heating up phase you will get enough ammonia off it to clear your nostrils and wake the dead if you get too close, but this passes in a day or so. Make sure you stir it regularly while composting to show those microbes where the next tasty morsels are and you are good to go. Once the heat dies down the worms will move in and the rest will just reduce to black gold in a few weeks. If you leave it composting for longer it will get even better.  We don’t add anything else to our heap although you could add cardboard or shredded paper or veggie peelings or grass. Just mix it in and the manure will work its magic. Don’t let your heap get claggy, soggy or compacted is all we recommend.

One of our manure collectors has just delivered a pumpkin to me (he doesn’t eat pumpkin) which is about 80kg. Yes that is right!! an 80kg monster all courtesy of the girls efforts. He has donated it to the hens and they enjoyed it enormously.

The Royal Horticultural Society have a good article on how to compost if you are in need of further information on this wonderful of processes. There is another article on the Well Gardening site on the science behind composting.

Please don’t join if you cannot collect promptly so we don’t annoy our lovely neighbours.

Register your interest via our contact page and then simply drop your bags off. Easy peasy.