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Our Chicken Keeping Courses Details

Due to UK wide Coronavirus restrictions we are not running our face-to-face chicken keeping courses at the moment. HOWEVER—we have produced an online version which went live on the 1st December 2020 – see below. Face to face courses will restart as soon as the situation has improved.

Why do I need to take a chicken keeping course?

  • Do you enjoy learning new skills?
  • Have you always wanted to keep chickens but lack the knowledge and skills to do so?
  • Are you thinking that your garden is not suitable for chicken keeping?
  • If so, we have a poultry keeping course that is right up your alley.

Getting chickens before learning how to keep them is like putting the cart before the horse…

Keeping chickens is very enjoyable but unless you get your equipment and poultry keeping skills up to scratch then it could end up an expensive and stressful experience. It’s always wise to act on any new venture from a position of knowledge and caring for chickens is no different. Getting chickens before learning how to keep them is like putting the cart before the horse. Here is where our courses for chicken keeping come in. Our courses aim to give you a very solid foundation in how to care for chickens and help you make sensible and cost effective equipment choices. The courses will give you that all-important confidence boost that you are doing it right. Animals deserve the best care and the best conditions but doing it efficiently will also make YOU happy too.

Reading books and loitering around Facebook poultry groups or browsing the internet can only go so far before you think that you’re “drowning” in unsubstantiated opinion and conflicting comment. You only have to spend a few hours on FB before you realise there are LOTS of conflicts and LOTS of poorly and unanswered questions. Most of the comments are regurgitated drivel that have no basis in fact and plenty that are actually downright dangerous. If you love chickens, you will do both you, and your chickens, a huge favour by becoming skilled in chicken husbandry and care.

It is not just the equipment you need to get right, so our poultry keeping courses cover other aspects too. We have answers to many many questions – even those you never thought you needed to ask! These courses are therefore literally a huge treasure trove of chicken information.

  • How difficult can it be? Avoid the pitfalls that can make your chickens sick
  • Choosing the right equipment that will save you precious time and money – get it RIGHT FIRST TIME
  • Correct feeding and care of your chickens – to keep them in tip-top health – and not killing them with kindness
  • How to source and spot healthy chickens – learn when you should walk away from a sale
  • Know when it is essential to visit a vet. Save on vet visits when you can safely treat at home instead
  • Avoid scammers who could sell you cockerels – be able to spot one a mile off
  • Techniques for how to spot a sick chicken, before it’s too late to help
  • Avoiding predators – take your chickens off the take-away menu
  • Best way to tackle pest and parasite control that doesn’t require a bonfire
  • The laws you need to know
  • Who can you sell eggs to, and where
  • Learn how chickens tick (inside and out) and know how they communicate
  • Be amazed at what you thought you knew – but didn’t
  • Prepare to see chickens and other birds in a whole new light
  • All this and much much more…..

We answer all these questions and literally hundreds more. The course will actually save you money, as you can avoid choosing equipment that will be totally useless or even a burden to you. We have made all the silly AND very expensive mistakes, so you won’t have to! With any pet, if you don’t get the basics right, it can turn into a stressful or expensive experience – or BOTH! For example: The single most expensive piece of equipment is your coop. Buying a cheap coop is a bad move and we explain why in our course. This is just one tiny aspect of a whole kaleidoscope of vital information we cover.

Chickens are a complete joy to own. You can easily enhance that joy by becoming a knowledgeable and skilled keeper

We offer the most comprehensive courses on chicken keeping on the internet.

Choose an actual expert to guide you

Let’s face it, we all have busy lives and we all have an eye for a bargain. Trawling the internet for freely available and confusing or contradictory information on “tinterweb” may sound simple. Yes it is, but how much of this information is actually harmful, illegal, or total gobble-de-gook. Social media is another rich source of “armchair experts” who learn from masters of hearsay and chinese whispers. We regularly see regurgitated “facts” from an “expert” on Dr Social Media who only actually got chickens a week ago. Social media is literally teeming with bad and harmful advice. If enough people spout it then it must be right – yes? – well definitely no. So many chickens are harmed by following the foolhardy advice just on the topic of feeding alone.

Reading books is a good resource, but how many books actually stop short of getting to the information you actually need? They are just glossy overviews which leave you asking for more. So you buy another book and other. We have done exactly the same thing because we have shelves full of them. It’s disheartening. Books that are filled with stuff you don’t need or repeat the same advice but in a slightly different format with different pictures. They still leave gaps in the knowledge you need. What coop to buy? Which products to use? Will it save me time and money? Most importantly they don’t tell you what NOT to buy.

Your time is valuable, so disappearing down the proverbial rabbit hole of unhelpful drivel is just totally wasting your efforts.

Our chicken keeping classes are designed to help you cut through all that guff and learn the subject, in depth. You will learn from experts in chicken care in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

It is so simple to become your own chicken expert with our help. Get it done quickly and get it done right.

What types of Courses Do we run?

We are currently offering two foundation poultry keeping courses but we have plans for a more advanced course in chicken keeping later on in 2022. We also have an Incubation and Chick Rearing Course for those yearning towards the next step in chicken keeping. An advanced course is on the cards for 2022 to cover illness diagnosis techniques and treatments in depth. Our current offerings are below.

BRAND NEW – Online Chicken Keeping Course -with Immediate Access

As of 1st December 2020 we sky-rocketed chicken keeping into the 21st Century. We launched our online courses for keeping chickens. Due to Covid we have had to re-think what we do and consequently how we do it. So we have decided to go national to offer the benefit of our experience to as wide a base as possible by offering online training in poultry keeping.

The online course is able to cover much more depth as we do not have the same time constraints as with a face-to-face course. We have used a professional learning management system like colleges and universities use to ensure that the ease of navigation and quality of content delivery is as good as it can be.

We like to think we have done ourselves (and you) proud with this professionally produced course and we guarantee that you will find out things that you never knew you didn’t know!!

There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the benefits of this course from the comfort of your own home AND at your own pace.

The Cost is £42 Per Student

How long does the Online courses for chicken Keeping Last?

Sit down and relax while having a leisurely cup of coffee and take each lesson. There are 18 in all which will take roughly about an hour each. The course is broken down into nice bite sized chunks.

Quizzes along the way will test your increasing knowledge and help to reinforce your skill level.

How often do we run the course

The online course is “open all hours” as they say. You can start at any time. You get immediate access after checkout.

You have access to the course at your leisure for 12 months from your payment date.

Chicken Keeping Course

We have been running these courses for over 10 years and have taught many students, vets included. We find them an enjoyable experience and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of other potential chicken keepers. These are usually quite lively courses and we certainly love doing them. If you can travel to Cheshire to take this half day course then you will enjoy it, but if not, then you may want to consider the online version.

We cover the same ground as the online version but there is the additional aspect of instant feedback with student questions along the way. You also get to handle chickens in the way that is not possible with our online version.
This course includes light refreshments and a full set of course notes to take away with you.

Please note we are not running the face to face courses at the moment due to Covid as it not safe for us – or you – to do so.

The Cost for this course is £45.00 per Student
or £85 for 2 as you can share notes

How long does the course last?

The face to face courses for keeping chickens lasts 3-4 hours (yes really). We have crammed a lot in to make sure you get your moneys-worth

There is also a practical hands-on element where we handle and examine chickens themselves.

How often do we run the courses

We normally run these a couple of times a month, dates are posted on website, but we are keeping a mailing list just for course enquiries should you wish to be informed when one is scheduled.

We can also run them on a day to suit you if you wish for a minimum of 2 guests. Something to consider if you can’t make any scheduled dates.

How to book

If you need to ask further questions before booking please ask us via our Contact Form here

Please note that our in-house version courses cover a lot of stuff and are not suitable for children under 14. We find that children tend to get too fidgety and upset the other participants. Our guests are given plenty of “training”. This means that you can confidently pass on your newly gained knowledge to any youngsters when you return home. The online version can of course be a family affair but they are all aimed at adults.

Simply book by clicking the buttons above – or below. You can also book by going to our web shop page and choosing the course from there.

If you are still hesitating, we are beginning to get some great feedback. Read comments below from our Poultry Keeping students for which we are very grateful

What Others Have Said

Extremely useful course
By: Lauren Driver

This is a great course for anyone looking into getting chickens or to help refresh/ give advice for people who already have chickens. Lots of useful information for different methods on how to house and care for chickens. Definitely would recommend.

Extremely useful and informative
By: Sharon Parry

This course has given me a good broad base of information I need in order to start off my chicken journey as well prepared as possible. Lots of useful information and tips, which I will be following. Can't wait to get started.

Eggcelent Course
By: Thomas Clarkson

I had high eggs-pectations of this course and it was definitely worth it. The yolks on you if you don't get this course. lots of helpful information.

Great course
By: Judith Bye

I decided to take this course before taking the plunge and rehoming some rescue hens. I have completely changed my mind on the coop and run size after completing the course and I am now looking forward to getting some rescue hens. There is so much more to keeping chickens than I thought and this course provides you with that knowledge. Definitely worth taking.

By: Sue Woodhead

This course was super informative. Since doing the course I now have my first 4 rescue chickens and it helped me prepare for their arrival. I have referred to the lessons since collecting them and it has made me more confident. My girls (Whitney, Britney, Kylie and Missy) have had a really good transition and settled in well.

A Really Great Course!
By: Carolyn McCormick

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in keeping chickens. It is crammed full of most useful facts and practical advice from experts who are passionate about chickens and keen to share their knowledge and experience with other interested parties.

Very useful course, so glad I took it!
By: Suzanna Mavity

I bought this course online as I want to get some chickens for the garden. I’m so glad I did this before buying anything, it completely change my mind and perspective on equipment and it has saved me a lot of bad decisions! So useful.

Excellent Course
By: Stacey Melia

After completing the course I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering getting chickens. It covers every aspect of what is required and gives easy to understand advice and information in nice bite sized chunks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I discovered there is a lot more to keeping healthy chickens than I thought and this course will prove invaluable going forward.

Great Course
By: Charlotte Stray

I have learned a great deal from this course and have already recommended it to a friend. Anyone thinking of keeping chickens should take this course.

Fantastic course
By: Louise Clifford

Well worth the money! I have learnt so much from this interactive course which I'd never have been able to do by reading books. I feel much more confident and prepared to start my chicken keeping journey. Highly recommend.

Brilliant Course!
By: Julia Holmes

The Online Chicken Keeping Course is such a good course for someone thinking about keeping chickens. There is so much to consider and this course covers it all, set out in an informative and easy to understand method. It is extremely good value, considering the amount of content. I cannot recommend it more highly

Very informative course.
By: Nick Wright

I have read several books on basic chicken keeping, but I have found this course to be the most comprehensive. I have changed my plans and moved away from an Eglu coop due to the advice given on the course. I also found the day-to-day sections useful to help work out how much time I would need to spend on daily/weekly cleaning etc. The advice on the different types of bedding was especially useful. I have made a note to purchase hemp or Probed bedding with some bio-dry to make cleaning easier.

Outstanding Course
By: Keith Le Poidevin

The online Hedgerow Henporium chicken keeping course is an absolute must for anyone like me who just weeks ago had no idea how to keep chickens or knew anything about them. Hedgerow have changed all that with this course. If you are serious about keeping chickens, spend your first £42 on this course. The information gained will set you up and give you confidence to begin looking after your chickens in an informed and enjoyable way. The course is a mini encyclopaedia of information, which is easy to follow through text, diagram, sound and video with a quiz at the end of each section to check your learning.

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