A bit about Wonky

This Welsh Black is a lovely lady called Wonky. This is the name a customer gave her just after she hatched. Her unusual feet are the reason she drew attention to herself. She had a tough time getting out of her shell and her feet began to fuse into an abnormal position. We tried our best to straighten her out with plasters fashioned into a form of splint to align her feet in the normal chicken style, however, her feet were having none of it. The little girl named her Wonky so the name has stuck. She has no problems with mobility or perching despite her less than perfect feet. This goes to show that chickens are more resilient than we give them credit for. If she had been hatched to anyone else she might possibly have been given a swift ticket out of this world, however, this is not the way we do things. She received the same chance as the rest of her hatchlings. Happily she has proven that she is more than capable of being a normal chicken and enjoying her life. We would like her to enjoy her retirement in the same fashion.

What is a Welsh Black

Wonky is a Welsh Black which means she is a cross between an Australorp and an Indian Game. A Welsh Black is rather muscular and looks quite severe but Wonky has a lovely temperament. She is not a cuddle bunny but does not object to being picked up. If you do pick her up it is strictly on her terms, which is fair enough. Her feathers light up in the sun when she shines like petrol on a puddle.

She still lays now and then but obviously not as much as in her younger times, but don’t expect masses of eggs from her.

She is £10