Hedgerow Rhode Rock Description

A Hedgerow Rhode Rock is a glossy commercial hybrid. She is a product of Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock. She is a mostly black chicken, but it’s no ordinary black. When the sun shines on her she lights up with a lovely beetle green sheen to her feathers with a stunning amber bib. She is similar in colour to a Black Rock but she is a hybrid. She will produce approx 300 delicious brown eggs in her first laying year. Rhode Rocks are very friendly birds and are always at the front when there is something delicious on the menu. She is also calm and a very good addition to a garden flock. The amber bib is variable in that it can be a large area in some hens and a faint colour in others. No two are exactly the same. Her petticoats are fluffy and matt black so lack the sheen of the rest of her body feathers. Her comb and wattles are quite small and bright red in an adult.

Rhode Rocks are not Black Rocks

With looks very similar to a Black Rock, they are often mistaken for the same breed, however, this is incorrect to call her this. She is a high-quality hybrid but she lacks the traditional breeding which has gone into the official Black Rock chickens info here. A Rhode Rock may well lay more eggs over a shorter period due to her scientifically controlled origins. She is also just as beautiful as the official Black Rock. If you want to source an official and genuine Black Rock check out this page on our website Black Rock Chickens ® as we are official agents for the Wirral, Merseyside, Deeside and North Cheshire area.

Breed Temperament of Rhode Rock

A Hedgerow Rhode Rock is friendly, and calm with people and makes a very good garden chicken. They may sometimes be a little boisterous with other more timid chicken breeds. They often become head chicken or at least high ranking in a mixed flock due to their confident and sassy nature.

Breed Size

The Rhode Rock is classified as a large fowl -light.


The eggs are large and medium brown.

Further Reading

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