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Hedgerow Hy-line Brown

Hy-line Brown Breed Description

Hy-line Browns are your archetypal barnyard hen and are very desirable to mass egg producers. Don’t let that put you off owning one. Owning a Hyline brown means she is going to be very lucky indeed compared to her hatchling companions. She is friendly, docile and a very nice addition to any garden flock. She is a top egg producer and also very economically as she doesn’t eat as much as most hens do either. This is what makes her so attractive to egg producers. In full feather, she has ginger background with pale amber tips to her tail and wings.

Breed Temperament

A Rhode Island Red based hybrid is bred to be docile, however they have plenty of attitude and are usually to be found near the top of the pecking order. This is no timid hen though, as she is active, friendly and inquisitive. Some hyline brown hens can be rather forceful. They are generally a good mixed flock bird, but possibly not always a good companion for more timid coop-mates.

Breed Size

Hyline Browns are classified as large fowl light.


The Hy-Line Brown is the world’s most balanced brown egg layer. She produces over 355 rich brown eggs to 80 weeks, peaks well and begins lay early with optimum egg size. These traits combined with an excellent unrivalled feed efficiency, the best interior egg quality in the market

Further Information on Hy-line brown

There is loads of information about the Hy-line brown on the Hy-line website. For other chickens from Hedgerow Henporium view our chickens for sale page. Or if you have any questions please use our contact form

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