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If you would like to arrange a visit or contact us about anything on our website please use this form. You can also use this to register your interest in our Manure Recycling Scheme (details here).


PLEASE NOTE: Covid-19 issues. We have plenty of stock of all ages available at the moment. Please contact us to book an appointment to view. We are bringing requested birds through to a temporary cage in the garage for viewing purposes once we know you are due to arrive. This takes us a little forward planning so the birds are ready to greet you with you arrive.

Waiting list and Avian Influenza

We are not under any Avian Influenza restrictions so we can sell to our customers as long as the birds are not going to a currently active Avian Influenza Surveillance Zone. We will be using Mailchimp to manage our list and will email our news when we have some. Our Mailchimp contact list is for OUR OWN SOLE USE and is not accessible or sold to anyone else. There is a blog article on AI (Avian Influenza) with links to a Government website and interactive maps of currently restricted zones.

Eggs Collection

We have eating eggs in limited supply at the moment as the girls are just getting into moulting mode for their winter break. Hatching eggs will be available from Feb/March 2022 – as long as the girls are happy to oblige.

If you have been to us before we would be grateful for a review on Trustpilot here

Our Solemn Promise to you

We promise, we will NOT use your information to spam you or sell or give any of your information to anyone else (unless we are legally compelled to do so). Our email is monitored regularly so you should get a reply soon. All our emails contain an easy unsubscribe link if you get fed up with us. Emailing is not something we do very often so we won’t be filling up your mailbox.

To get an instant reply please telephone us 01244–646-026

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    We would like to let you know when we have any chicken related news. Let us know if this is OK. We do not share your email address or personal details with anyone.

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