Course Troubleshooting

If you are seeing black boxes where pictures should be, or your videos or soundbytes don’t play you may have a security issue with your internet browser. Web browsers are being updated and changed all the time and standard settings which once were good enough to view any site may not work now. Browsers tend to be locked tight now and you often have to give explicit permission on a case by case basis for the information you are wanting to see on any given site.

If you are seeing black boxes and no videos or soundbytes then you have to change a setting to enable the permissions to allow the viewing of these items on our site. The changed permissions ONLY apply to our site, it will not affect any other sites you visit. We have put these settings in the sections below for each browser.

Choose your browser (shortcut) in the table of contents below or scan the page to find it.You will need to apply the fixes depending on which browser you are using

Check which browser you are using and follow the steps for that product by clicking the relevant button at the top of the page

Troubleshooting your Firefox Browser

Firefox address bar view
  1. Click the padlock
  2. Choose the right arrow as indicated on the picture below
  3. Depending on the version of Firefox you have you may see “the disable message” or you might just see “more information
  4. If you only see “more information” you get to see the box in the 3rd picture below.
  5. Choose the “permissions” button/tab
  6. Scroll down to “autoplay” and see if you have allowed audio and video. If not then remove the tick from autoplay and put a black spot on the allow audio and video

Click allow audio and video. Also allow popups. (these only apply to our site so wont affect any other sites)

Troubleshooting Your Chrome Browser

Chrome toolbar image
Above is what your browser address bar should look like if you have no permissions issue.

If your address bar is showing “Not Secure As the picture below. Follow the instructions to the right of the picture.

Chrome Site Settings
  1. Click on the address bar where it says “not secure
  2. Choose “Site Settings
  3. Browse down the list of the privacy settings and choose the item called “Insecure Content” and make it ALLOW by changing the permissions to the right hand side
  4. This should be all you need to do.
  5. If you have difficulty please contact us.

Troubleshooting Your Microsoft Edge Browser

  1. The Edge address bar as shown above may show “not secure”
  2. Click on the “not secure” or the “padlock“.
  3. On drop down menu, choose “site settings
  4. Scroll down the page for the site settings (a section is shown below) until you get to the “insecure content” and click the downward pointing arrow to change it to ALLOW at the right hand side of the list
  5. On the list below it shows this one as block (default). This would need changing to ALLOW
Chrome and Edge Site Settings

Finally close this tab and come out of your browser and restart it. This will refresh the instructions you have just issued so it forgets the old settings.

If you continue to get problems please let us know by email.

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