Incubation Course

Incubation Course and Chick Rearing

Newly hatched chicks

Our new incubation course which also covers how to raise chicks is another course in our series of poultry courses. This chick rearing course takes you on a step by step journey of everything you need to know about when hatching chicks. It then takes you through how to raise baby chicks successfully.

Hatching chicks is a wondrous experience

We have been hatching chicks by using both incubators and broody hens for more years than we care to mention. Suffice to say that we are quite addicted because it is such a wonderful experience. Being responsible for incubating a humble egg and for it to turn into a cute and fluffy chick is not all plain sailing. You need to have the right equipment and you need the right plan of action. Things can go wrong from time to time and we help you through all of them.

Our Chick Hatching course is new

We have been running chicken keeping courses for some time but we felt that the time was right to step back in time and teach people how to produce the chicks. This course has been in the planning stage for about a year but we have finally polished it enough to publish it. It is somewhat longer than our original course as it goes through different life phases, all of which need clear explanation. Young chicks are very delicate so need special care. These phases all present their own particular action points. As with all living things, there are challenges to overcome and we cover these in full detail in the course.

Brief Course Outline

  • Incubators
  • Broody hens
  • Looking after your broody
  • Hatching eggs
  • Sourcing eggs
  • Incubator settings
  • Humidity
  • The hatching process
  • Brooder equipment
  • Feeding your chicks
  • Troubleshooting the hatch
  • Chick First Aid
  • Growing chicks
  • Sexing your chicks
  • Everything you need up to 2 weeks old and beyond
  • Much much more besides

The incubation and chick rearing course is designed to be very comprehensive and yet very easy to understand. We have split it into self contained bite-sized chunks so that they can be leisurely learned over a nice cup of coffee. Each lesson includes a quiz to test your knowledge along the way.

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