Hatching Eggs

  • Hatching Eggs

    Fertile Eggs for hatching – COLLECTION or Special Delivery ONLY

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    Fertile hatching eggs from our range of chickens. All are very freshly laid and available for collection or posting by Royal Mail Special Delivery. All our birds are large fowl – except Silkie which are a small bantam. PLEASE NOTE PRICE IS PER EGG EXCEPT FOR THE MIXED 6 GROUP.

    Also note that delivery by post is ONLY sent by Special Delivery so if you need postage, please use the Special Delivery option for shipping.


  • Chick Hatching Course

    Online Chick Hatching and Incubation Course

    £45.00 Add to basket

    Brand New Course

    Join our course to learn how to source, and incubate poultry eggs. Successful hatching is guaranteed if you allow us to take your hand and receive our expert guidance. Chick care and first aid is detailed to give your newly hatched chicks a positive start in life. Instant access. Book today, start today.

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