• Biodri Disinfectant

    Biodri Coop Sanitising Powder

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    Biodri is a super absorbent DEFRA grade disinfecting, drying and deodorising powder. Suitable for use in all animal housing and with animals and birds of all ages. Refills

  • Hygiene

    Egg Wash Liquid 1 litre

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    Egg wash liquid. Use 2 tsp per 2 litres of warm water to clean and sanitise eggs if they need cleaning before incubating or eating.  Does not damage the cuticle of the egg.


  • Poultry Shield

    Poultry Shield

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    Poultry Shield is a good all round product for dealing with both disinfection of the coop and also destroying red mite. It is pleasant to use and should be used at every clean but don’t spray on the birds themselves.

  • Health

    Repiderma Spray 250ml

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    Repiderma is an antiseptic skin protection and healing spray. Very useful for damage to the feet and other injuries.

  • Westgate Worm Test Kit

    Worm Testing Kit

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    Complete worm testing kit by Westgate Labs to find if your chickens need worming. Place samples in the postage paid envelope provided and send it off to be tested. The results will be back soon.

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