Behavioural Issues

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    Poultry Saddle

    £4.50 Add to basket

    Poultry saddle to protect the back area in vulnerable chickens. Easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Chickens have no problem with their new “clothing” and it can literally save their life. One size fits all from 8 weeks in standard sized chickens. Will fit older bantams also.

  • Purple Spray 250ml

    Purple Spray Plus Aloe 250ml

    £4.00 Add to basket

    Purple Spray Plus is a one stop shop for wound treatment of any sort in chickens. Helps prevent further damage by over-zealous coop-mates

  • Scarper Clear Anti peck spray

    Scarper Clear Anti-Peck

    £6.99 Add to basket

    The clear and non-staining version of Scarper to stop your chickens destructively feather pecking each other. Especially useful for white and light coloured birds

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