Chicken Housing

  • Premium Chickenguard door opener

    Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener

    £154.00 Add to basket

    Chicken keepers automatic pop-hole opener. Opens and closes your chicken coop automatically at dawn and dusk or any time in between. Absolutely the best extra investment you will make for you and your chickens.

  • Chickenguard premium combo

    Chickenguard Combo – Door and Opener

    £184.00 Add to basket

    Chickenguard combo premium bundle. Comprises a chickenguard premium automatic door opener and a self locking replacement door for your chicken coop

  • Henlay Coop

    Henlays Chicken Coop

    £599.00 Add to basket

    Eco friendly chicken coop, good for the planet, great for chickens and perfect for you. Made from recycled plastic and designed so that cleaning is a breeze. The perfect modern design with a traditional slant. Suitable for 6 large fowl or 9 bantam sized chickens. Special offer BLACK FRIDAY. Only £545.00 till midnight on 30th November 2023

  • Henlay Coop
    Hen Boarding

    Holiday Boarding for Hens – Booking

    £8.00 From Confirm Your Booking

    Hen holiday booking facility to ensure your hens are cared for while you are away.

    1. Choose your coop
    2. Then select your start and end days.
    3. Any extras you would like
    4. Not forgetting to select the number of hens for treatment

    Then Click Confirm Your Booking.

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