• Chicken feeder

    Eton Chicken Feeder

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    Chicken Pellet Feeder which is available in 2 sizes. Well designed hanging chicken feeders from Eton. Helps stop food being dragged out whilst eating. Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Equipment

    Eton Chicken Grit Feeder – Brown

    £9.00 Read more

    Large Grit feeder to keep your mixed poultry grit dry. Can be used outdoors so your grit doesn’t get wet.

  • how to care for chickens

    How to Care for Chickens – HH00002

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    Instant download of essential basic info on how to keep chickens in the garden. It covers feeding, quarantine, red mite, pecking order and suggested minimum products and equipment needed for safe garden chicken care.

  • poultry feed
    Feed - Click & Collect only

    Poultry Feed

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    Poultry Feed. In spite of feed shortages we are managing to get limited supplies of feed.


  • Health

    Poultry Pep

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    Poultry Pep is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed to improve gut health and immunity. Contains calcium and calcium helpers like phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

  • Health

    Shell-aid 100ml

    £4.90 Read more

    Shell-aid 100ml for supplementary calcium when a chicken is having difficulty maintaining good shell quality. Use for 7 days.

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