Insect Control

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    Chicken Keeping Courses In-house

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    Our very comprehensive chicken keeping courses in-house will give you a thorough grounding in everything to do with keeping chickens at home, at school, or on your smallholding.

  • diatomaceous earth
    Pest Control

    Diatomaceous Earth

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    Diatom aka diatomaceous earth is a totally natural product which is microscopically sharp enough to pierce the skeleton of red mite and other insects. The piercing allows for the insect to dehydrate and die. It is not a quick kill but over time is effective.

  • how to care for chickens

    How to Care for Chickens – HH00002

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    Instant download of essential basic info on how to keep chickens in the garden. It covers feeding, quarantine, red mite, pecking order and suggested minimum products and equipment needed for safe garden chicken care.

  • Poultry Shield

    Poultry Shield

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    Poultry Shield is a good all round product for dealing with both disinfection of the coop and also destroying red mite. It is pleasant to use and should be used at every clean but don’t spray on the birds themselves.

  • Redtop fly trap
    Pest Control

    Red Top Fly Trap

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    Genuine Red Top fly trap. Lures around 20,000 blue and green bottles to their doom. Hang in full sun away from you and your chickens. Harmless to pollinator insects. In the summer fly season, fly control is something that makes a big difference.

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