Bobby Duster


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Bobby Duster made by Swiss company Birchmeier. A crop duster that is brilliant for the economical and thorough application of diatomaceous earth to a chicken coop.

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Bobby Duster

Bobby Duster is manual bellows-driven dust applicator which does an exceptional job of applying diatomaceous earth (DE). Diatomaceous earth is used on a chicken coop to deter and kill red mite.

Unlike bottle-type applicators which produce a squirt of diatom that doesn’t cover much, the bobby duster creates a fine spreading cloud of dust. This dust settles evenly on all surfaces, even the underside of the roof. A squirty bottle is very wasteful but a duster uses very little diatom product whilst giving maximum coverage. The duster is also rather fun to use.

It is dangerous to breathe in the dust from diatomaceous earth as it contains silica which is a lung irritant. A mask with a rating of FFP3/N99 is considered essential when using Bobby duster. We also advise that the chickens are not around when you are doing your “dusting”.

The device will hold 100g of product and makes a little go a long way.

NB if you are thinking of using predatory mites (Androlis) then don’t use diatom as it will also kill your killers.

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