Eton Chicken Feeder



Chicken Pellet Feeder which is available in 2 sizes. Well designed hanging chicken feeders from Eton. Helps stop food being dragged out whilst eating. Easy to clean and disinfect

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Chicken Feeder 2 sizes available

Chicken feeder by Eton in Red and white.

Well designed feeders from Eton. Feeders can be hung up which helps to stop your chickens from digging in it with their feet. Chickens can drag considerable amounts of pellets out if they can get their feet into it. Hanging chicken feeders also prevents slugs munching on the pellets overnight and so contaminating the feed. The fins and lip on the rim restrict the beaks dragging food out as much, which saves your food bill and stops it being scattered on the floor to attract vermin. If you hang them at chest height then you will lose less pellets because the chickens cannot get their feet into it. Chickens dig rather a lot and flick soil around and bedding too. Hanging the feed up out of the way will keep it clean.

We stock a 3kg size and a 6kg size feeder.

The whole feeder can be dismantled easily for cleaning and disinfecting.

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Feeder capacity

3kg Feeder Red, 3kg Feeder Green, 6kg Feeder


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