Chicken Gift Card Value Spend Amount – Only for purchasing using a prepaid gift card. See description how to use


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THIS IS NOT TO BUY A CHICKEN FOR 25p it is to get round the problem with the store not being able to handle cash sales in person with using the gift card value. It handles the store bought items easily enough but has to have a “product” allocated for the remainder if you want to be able to use it here at our Henporium to buy chickens themselves.

This product is solely here to enable you to “spend” the remaining value of your gift card.

You can either spend your gift card on regular store items OR you can spend it on chickens or both.

If you want to use up the remainder of your gift card on chickens please add the same amount of chicken value as the remaining value on your card. When you visit us your card is used up in value and any extra cost for extra birds or birds of higher value than your card are just paid as a difference between the two.

For example if you have a card with a £50 value and you spend £20.05 on food etc and the remainder is say £29.05 and you want to use the rest towards chickens. Just add a chicken value for the remainder of £29.05 to use up the total value of the gift card. As long as the total comes to £29.05 as in our example. You can choose whatever you want when you visit in terms of birds and pay the difference. For example: If you choose 2 birds here for £30 each then you would pay £30 plus £0.95 at collection time which is the difference between the purchased birds and the value you have used up on chickens via the store. In effect you have prepaid £29.05 in chicken value.

If you want to use the total £50 example above card just for chickens. Add £50 worth of chickens to the basket and use your gift card as payment.

If we have confused you please call us and we can talk you through it.

Our Hybrids are £22 when larger. Pure breeds are mostly £25 and speciality and larger breeds are £30. Birds are priced in stages starting at £7 at day old.

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