Chickenguard Automatic Door Opener


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Chicken keepers automatic pop-hole opener. Opens and closes your chicken coop automatically at dawn and dusk or any time in between. Absolutely the best extra investment you will make for you and your chickens.

Chickenguard automatic coop door openers have revolutionised chicken keeping. This is a device which allows you to open and close the chicken coop when you are not there. How cool is that? Having a chickenguard means you can have weekends away and not worry about neighbours not being able to keep an eye on your hens. They will be let out in the morning (with the lark if necessary) and tucked safely away at roost at night.

If you get one extra piece of chicken equipment then an automatic door opener should be it. This one will save you having to get up early. Remember that morning is very early in summer so this little beauty allows you to have a lovely lie-in while your chickens get on with their day. Find out more on the Chickenguard website

Functions of the automatic door opener

A chickenguard premium works by either timer (eg 8am open to 4pm close or any other time of your choosing). It has a dusk to dawn sensor which can be set as the open and closing options. You can also use any combination of the two facilities. Open at 8am and close at dusk for example. Don’t worry that your chickens will get locked out, as chickens are smart and will be in well before the door closes.

There is also a manual function so you can set this as the opening and closing option. In this scenario, you physically push the button to open or close or any other combo of the 3 functions you could dream of. The manual override means the door can be opened or closed at any time without messing up your programmed function. Just press the up or the down arrow buttons. This function is handy when cleaning the coop. Your naughty investigating chickens cannot ruin your coop before you are ready to let them in again.

This device is powered by 4 x AA batteries which last at least 6 months or longer in some cases. Batteries are included. Instructions for fitting are on the Chickenguard website here

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