Chickenguard Self Locking Door


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Chickenguard self locking door kit. Retro fit onto any suitable coop to provide a lockable door to the coop. Fits to any automatic door opener device or can be used as a manual opening door. Replaces both runner and the existing door. Suitable for coops where the door has enough space to open vertically.

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The Chickenguard self locking door for chicken coops is definitely a game-changer. This is a unique design so far on the market. A self locking pop hole door which locks securely so that nothing can lift it up. It is fitted as a substitute for your existing pop hole door. A pop hole is another name for the door that the chickens use to enter and leave the coop. The chickenguard self locking door unlocks itself when opening and cleverly shoots out two lugs at the bottom when closed. These lugs are what prevents the door from being nosed up a predator. This door can be used by itself or attached to any automatic door opener. If using without an automatic opener then you simply attach a string to the eye at the top of the door.

More information on how to stop foxes from killing your chickens is on our blog page

If your existing pop hole door is capable of opening up and down then this will probably suit. The whole unit replaces both the door runners and the door itself. It will connect to any automatic pop hole opening device but it was designed for the Chickenguard automatic door opener. If you need both the opener and the door then check out the combo version.

The door is manufactured from recycled plastic and aluminium. The dimensions that the self locking pop hole door will cover are a width of 25cm (10 inches) and a height of 30cm (12 inches).

It is simple to fit. Instructions on the fitting are here

This video is a Youtube video which shows the locking pop hole door setup.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
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