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Diatom aka diatomaceous earth is a totally natural product which is microscopically sharp enough to pierce the skeleton of red mite and other insects. The piercing allows for the insect to dehydrate and die. It is not a quick kill but over time is effective.

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Excellent as a residual Red Mite control when puffed into all the nooks and crannies in your chicken coop. You would normally leave it in situ rather than cleaning it off. Your coop will look like Miss Havershams house however the dusty surface is something which is going to form a killing barrier between the Mite and your hens. As Diatom works on the outer covering of all insects it can also be used around the house to kill ants, silverfish, woodlice, chicken body lice, and bedbugs. A duster applicator such as a Bobby duster is the very best way to get a fine cloud of dust to settle everywhere it’s needed. It is also the most economical way of using it so your Diatom will go much further. Diatom is totally safe around earthworms.

How to use Diatom

Add handfuls of Diatom to your chickens dust-bathing area. This helps them to self medicate and so helps them get rid of body lice and other passengers.

Diatom can also be added to the food as it is rich in silica. It is commonly added to human food and helps to rid grain of weevils and other pests in grain silos.

Warnings about using Diatomaceous earth

When using Diatom you should always use a mask, preferably an FFP3 N99 rated one. Breathing in Diatom is definitely not advisable.

An EU directive prevents the use of DE being labelled as capable of killing mites if it does not do so. Cheap DE is unlikely to kill as needed so ensure that the product clearly states its red mite killing properties.


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Diatomaceous Earth



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