Egg Wash Liquid 1 litre


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Egg wash liquid. Use 2 tsp per 2 litres of warm water to clean and sanitise eggs if they need cleaning before incubating or eating.  Does not damage the cuticle of the egg.


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Egg Wash Liquid (1 litre concentrate)

Egg wash liquid is for using to safely remove all contaminates from the egg but does not damage the egg at all.

Eggs are sanitised ready for eating or for use in incubators. Can be used in egg wash machines. Economical: add 2 teaspoons to 2 litres of warm water.

SAFETY FIRST: You must ONLY use warm water when washing eggs. If you use cold water, the membranes in the shell will suck the contents of the washing water into the shell. This does not happen when you use warm water.


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