Fertile Eggs for hatching - COLLECTION ONLY



Fertile hatching eggs from our range of chickens. All are very freshly laid and available for collection. All our birds are large fowl – not bantam sized. PLEASE NOTE PRICE IS PER EGG EXCEPT FOR THE MIXED 6 GROUP


Fertile eggs for hatching under a broody hen or in an incubator from our range of large fowl chickens. The believed fertile eggs we have available will be from the breeds listed below. All will be very freshly laid before collection. Fertility is not guaranteed but we are getting 80-90% hatchrate at the moment but depends on the time of year, or your incubation method. Peak fertility is in spring and early summer. Please note we are NOT posting any eggs at the moment because queueing at a post office puts us at too much risk. Eggs are priced at £2 each and you can mix and match from any types that are available.

Our chicken breeds are

  • Cochin – which will come out Blue, Black or Splash
  • Brahma – which will come out Buff Columbian, Blue Buff Columbian, Lemon Pyle or Blue
  • Sussex – which will come out Coronation Sussex or Light Sussex as we have a couple of Lights running with the Coronation boy
  • Swedish Flower Hens – naturally a multicoloured breed and will be crested or uncrested
  • Leghorn X Araucana or Ancona or pure White Leghorn
  • Faverolles egg which will come out Salmon or Blue Salmon

Issues with posted eggs

Success with hatching is also dependent on your chosen method of delivery because we cannot be responsible for the postal system. The postal system can be very rough on eggs and therefore this can result in ruptured air sacs. Poor hatches are also a symptom of posted eggs which can be as little as 20% to zero hatch rate. We pack the eggs super carefully to try to avoid any shock to the eggs inside but we are at the tender mercies of the postal service.

Collection is consequently the safest option and the best hatch rate.


Main Image Sourced by Comfreak from Pixabay

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions N/A
Hatching Egg Breeds

Cochin, Swedish Flower Hens, Brahma, Faverolles, Swedish Flower Hens, Leghorn X Ancona, Leghorn X Araucana, Sussex, Mixed Selection x 6


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