Eton Chicken Grit Feeder


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Large Grit feeder to keep your mixed poultry grit dry. Can be used outdoors so your grit doesn’t get wet.

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Grit Feeder (Large)

Chicken grit feeder with conical hat to make it waterproof.

Chickens need grit in their diet for digestion and because it helps to form good egg shells. Using this feeder you can leave the grit out in all weathers for your chickens to take their grit whenever they want to. It keeps your grit clean and dry and saves waste that would be experienced by throwing it on the ground. Allowing your grit to get wet will dissolve the limestone in it so it goes to grey mush. This feeder will prevent that.

Removable top and internal fins for easy clean and disinfecting.

Dimensions: (W: 265 mm x H: 280 mm)



Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 28 × 28 cm


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