Holiday Care Visits for Chickens

£8.00 Per Visit plus mileage

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Please Pick a Date

Holiday care where we visit you to take care of your chickens while you are not around.

Add the days to your booking and then add the mileage product to your basket afterwards based your distance from CH66 4RB and the number of visits required.

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Holiday Care Visits for Chickens

Holiday care visits by Hedgerow Henporium to come to your chickens to make sure they are looked after while you are on holiday. Our main page for holiday care for chickens will give you a little more info.

We charge £8 per visit plus mileage at 45p per mile for 2 journeys per visit (ie there and back = 90p per mile). Mileage is calculated using Google maps and the distance is worked out from our postcode CH66 4RB to your postcode.

PLEASE NOTE IF IT IS OUR FIRST TIME OF VISITING WE WILL NEED TO HAVE A VISIT TO GET THE LAY OF THE LAND (AS IT WERE). You will need to book an extra visit to take account of this. If we have been before then we won’t need the advance rekkie.

Ways to cut down on costs holiday care

  • Make sure you have an automatic door on your coops to let your birds out and lock them away safely.
  • Have large capacity feeders and water containers
  • Discourage vermin by having treadle feeders such as a Grandpa feeder

Please note that we can only provide holiday care visits for chickens and other poultry. We are not experienced in any other kinds of animals.

Alternative Holiday Care

If you would rather your chickens were cared for in our boarding coops then take a look at our boarding product

To book this you will also need to work out the mileage aspect from us to you. CH66 4RB to your postcode. Add the mileage to your booking before checkout.


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