How to Care for Chickens - HH00002


Instant download of essential info on how to keep chickens in the garden. It covers feeding, quarantine, red mite, pecking order and suggested minimum products and equipment needed for safe garden chicken care.

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Our general how to care for chickens E-Doc is to give the novice garden chicken keeper, the basic starter information.  The E-Doc is one in a series of downloadable PDF articles designed to support you in your new hobby. It will give you a basic heads up about general day to day issues as you get started with chickens.

Chickens are not difficult to keep but there are some things you should have in place to make the experience a pleasant one. If you get the basics wrong, then things can go rather pear-shaped.

Our e-doc is an instant download of essential info on how to care for chickens and keep them happy and healthy. The “how to care for chickens” covers:-

  • feeding
  • quarantine
  • red mite
  • pecking order
  • suggested minimum products and equipment needed for safe garden chicken care.

Everything that  you need to start with is included to ensure that you have covered all the bases. The information is very general for those people who want to get up and running quickly. However if you want more in-depth knowledge then we would suggest that you consider one of our full chicken keeping courses Details here


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