Online Chick Hatching and Incubation Course


Brand New Course

Join our course to learn how to source, and incubate poultry eggs. Successful hatching is guaranteed if you allow us to take your hand and receive our expert guidance. Chick care and first aid is detailed to give your newly hatched chicks a positive start in life. Instant access. Book today, start today.

Chick Hatching Guide from start to finish

Our instant access online chick hatching course will show you everything you need to hatch your own chicks or waterfowl by using an incubator or a broody hen. These two options both present their own challenges.

We guide you through choosing and operating your incubator, selecting and caring for your eggs and most importantly how to look after baby chicks when they arrive. Choosing the wrong incubator, for example, can result in boiled eggs or even more alarmingly, a fire hazard. We help you to avoid these.

Broody hens have specific needs which need to be in place before you even think about putting eggs under any broody. Broodies can be cantankerous so you may need to have plan B

If you are thinking of adding to your flock by hatching your own chicks or ducklings then our course is your perfect guide. We cover any pitfalls you may come across along the way including some first-aid and useful remedies for common problems once the chicks have hatched.

Our chick hatching course covers everything from obtaining and setting your eggs, setting up your incubator, or settling your broody hen. We then take you through the incubation process and the hatch. Then we help you get the right equipment for looking after your chicks because they need specific care to keep them alive and thriving. We cover the health and well-being of your chicks right up the age of 2-4 weeks while they are at their most delicate.

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