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ProBed is an excellent bedding for chicken coops. Highly absorbent and nice smelling with added antimicrobial treatment. Dust free. Can be used on the coop floor and in nest boxes. A little goes a long way.

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ProBed Poultry Bedding – COLLECTION ONLY

Your choice of poultry bedding is crucial to keep your hens healthy. It is also good for you as mucking out the coop with a bedding that does not serve you well is a chore. Probed is a great chicken bedding that can be used on the floor of the coop and also in the nest boxes. This particular product is easy to spread, absorbs plenty of pooh and has a rather nice smell for the chickens and you. It’s easy to clean-out later and at £10.00 for a large bale is also cost effective.The bag will last the average chicken coop about 6-8 cleans.

If you are wondering about the name, then it is the crushed and chopped stalks of the oil seed rape after harvesting. Whilst in the countryside you will probably have noticed fields full of yellow flowers, this is the oil seed rape crop. This crop is used to make rapeseed oil for cooking. The nice thing about chopped rape straw is it doesn’t form a soggy mat like regular barley or wheat straw does. This is one of the reason we like it so much. We use this in all our coops and we highly recommend you do too.


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