Poultry Pep


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Poultry Pep is a vitamin and mineral supplement designed to improve gut health and immunity. Contains calcium and calcium helpers like phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

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Poultry Pep 500gm is a mineral supplement containing a blend of spices and vitamin C to keep poultry healthy. Manufactured by Agrivite, they say that it

  • Maintains immunity
  • Encourages growth
  • Promotes good egg shell quality
  • Support egg laying performance
  • Maintains condition during extreme hot and cold weather

Contains broad spectrum of minerals and also lysine and methionine. Suitable for all poultry and pigeons. Maintaining a healthy gut is crucial to the function of the immune system in birds so this product is helpful in maintaining a healthy balance.

Use one scoop with the feed for every 10 birds. As the product is a powder we would recommend you mix a small amount of cod liver oil in your pellets so that the powder will stick. This will also add some vitamin D which further enhances the calcium uptake.

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