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Poultry Shield is a good all round product for dealing with both disinfection of the coop and also destroying red mite. It is pleasant to use and should be used at every clean.

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Poultry Shield (1 litre concentrate) is a multi-purpose cleaner, red mite killer and odour neutraliser.

It is used to kill red mite and clean and disinfect all surfaces. It is also safe for cleaning feeders and drinkers. Dilute 1 part Poultry Shield to 6 parts water.

Every clean you should dilute Poultry Shield as recommended into a pressure sprayer and cover the whole coop liberally. Then leave it to dry. In the event of a serious red mite infestation you will have to repeat spray every other day. Access to all areas is needed to make sure the hiding places of the red mite are soaked. Poultry Shield dissolves the outer shell of the red mite and kills it.

How we use it.

We spray the coop with Poultry Shield at a weekly clean by giving it a good spray and soak. No need to rinse. No awful smell to annoy the hens either so the bedding can go back in once the walls are fairly dry. We the apply diatom (diatomaceous earth) by puffer to all surfaces as a residual aid for red mite destruction. Always be vigilant about Red Mite as an out of control infestation is the chicken keepers nemesis. See our article on this very subject.



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