Prolapsed Chicken Care Sheet


Prolapsed chicken care sheet. Downloadable step by step instruction and advice about how to solve this most urgent and life threatening issue.

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If ever you have an emergency like a prolapsed chicken, it’s so easy to run round like the proverbial headless chicken worrying about what to do. This is something that you can treat for the most part at home. We have successfully dealt with many prolapsed chickens. Some were much worse than others which also involved pecking injuries. Experience has taught us that you need to do the right steps in the right order for effective prolapse chicken care.

We have produced an E-pamphlet on how to help a chicken with a prolapse emergency. It is in PDF format so can be read by Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader and several others including mobiles.

What will you get out of it

Our document on prolapse chicken care helps you firstly in identifying the problem. Then it goes into fine detail about ongoing care and chicken nursing through this most worrying of conditions. Be warned: a chicken with a prolapse is a life threatening event that needs to be managed carefully to get a good result. If you follow our guidance to the letter, you won’t need a vet in all likelihood. A vet will often euthanise a prolapsed chicken when there is no good reason to do so. Many vets simply don’t understand the problem and fail to realise that your pet is not “just a chicken”. They assume that your chicken is “ten a penny” and therefore expendable.

We have kept the cost low because we want to make sure that as many chickens as possible get the best chance. They can – with your help – get to live through this condition. A vet visit (although absolutely warranted in some cases) is often a one way and consequently very expensive visit.

Helping your beloved chicken with a prolapse is not for the faint-hearted and you need to ACT QUICKLY. If you are at all squeamish then a vet visit is definitely the right course of action and you should consult them without delay.

Your download will be in your regular download location on your computer. If you experience difficulty please get in touch at and we will try to help.


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