Red Top Fly Trap


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Genuine Red Top fly trap. Lures around 20,000 blue and green bottles to their doom. Hang in full sun away from you and your chickens. Harmless to pollinator insects. In the summer fly season, fly control is something that makes a big difference.

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Red Top Fly Trap for Fly Control

These Red Top fly traps are capable of capturing and killing 20,000 flies in a season.

You just assemble the bag and mix the included lure with some water. Just hang away from the house or chicken coop to attract flies away to their doom. This trap will brew over the next week or so and then start to fill up. It will start to give off a right pong which is why it needs to attract nuisance flies away . Our advice is to hang it well away from your neighbours fence or your barbecue area. Unfortunately in order to have effective fly control you need to attract them to dispose of them. This trap does this very effectively and can last all summer long.

The best place to hang the redtop fly trap is to hang it up about 6ft high but in a sunny aspect. Fly bait is only attractive to flies and no other insects. It is safe to pollinator insects like bees as the pheromone in the bait is only enticing to flies.

Now isn’t fly control much better than being bothered by the pesky critters?

The Red Tops can be topped up with more water and if you massage the bag carefully you can extend the active period. It will even last till the next year if you prime it again with chicken poop (their favourite diet) or a fragrant fish skin.

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