Repiderma Spray 250ml


Repiderma is an antiseptic skin protection and healing spray. Very useful for damage to the feet and other injuries.

Repiderma spray by Intra is a skin protection spray in the hoof fit range. It is very good for wound management and infection control. It can be used to good effect in the management of foot problems with as bumblefoot. Sprayed daily it will reduce the infection.

To treat bumblefoot, clean the foot preferably with an epsom salt soak. Dry the foot then apply the Repiderma spray to cover the lesion and allow it to dry. Then you can allow the chicken to stand on the foot. Bumblefoot may resolve using Repiderma on its own without any surgery type interventions, but in very bad cases a vet visit is advisable.

Repiderma forms a breathable barrier to further infection but as it allows the skin to breathe, then healing is better.

Contains copper and zinc chelates. For external use only.


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