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Scarper Clear Anti-Peck


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The clear and non-staining version of Scarper to stop your chickens destructively feather pecking each other. Especially useful for white and light coloured birds

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Scarper Clear Anti-peck spray (250ml Trigger Spray)

Helps to prevent feather pecking and bullying.

Scarper is a great product which is the strongest you can get to stop undesirable and destructive feather pecking in chickens. Unfortunately the regular version of Scarper stains your lovely white chickens a tea colour. This is Scarper Clear anti-peck spray so it doesn’t stain your chicken – result! Can be used on white chickens with no nasty stains so they stay beautiful and erm white.

Spray onto the affected area of the victim. The formulation is so unpalatable that within days the aggressor stops. Use for 7 days or until pecking stops. Food-safe and non-tainting.



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