Worm Testing Kit


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Complete worm testing kit by Westgate Labs to find if your chickens need worming. Place samples in the postage paid envelope provided and send it off to be tested. The results will be back soon.

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A worm testing kit to determine whether any of your chickens has a case of worms that need treating.

All creatures get worms of one description or another, and chickens are no exception. Historically, chickens were wormed at least twice a year using a product called Flubenvet which is licensed for poultry. However as worming the old way is thought of as harsh on a chickens system, the new school of thought is that testing is the way to go. Testing to see if you chickens actually have worms, rather than worming them for perhaps no reason is kinder on their systems. Worming with Flubenvet is absolutely the right course of action if your test comes back positive. Worm testing is also helpful in case certain worms have built up a resistance to the ingredients in Flubenvet.

Intestinal health is very important as it is the seat of the immune system in poultry. A healthy gut is a healthy bird.

Other than testing or worming with Flubenvet, we definitely don’t advocate any other worming or preventative method. Most are hearsay and old wives tales. Others have an egg withdrawal period as the residues migrate to the egg contents. Polluting those delicious wholesome eggs with chemicals is totally missing the point we feel.

Our complete worm testing kit comes from Westgate Labs. It allows you to take your own samples of droppings of up to 20 birds and send them off using the instructions inside. The results will be back as soon as possible. The kit will sample all chickens, geese, ducks, pigeon, and other poultry.

If taking a composite test from several birds please mix the samples in the large plastic bag provided before filling the sample container. Full instructions enclosed. Kit includes:

  • a sample pot for the individual sample or combined composite worm testing sample of the birds
  • a voucher for the laboratory processing of the test(s)
  • a compostable glove
  • Post paid return envelope


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