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Hedgerow Henporium works very hard in order to produce our lovely hens. It is wonderful to receive recognition for this and we have therefore been very fortunate to receive reviews from various portals on the internet. There is a plug-in on our website which compiles all these into one place. If you are looking for hens and are considering coming to us then these might help to persuade you. Each of the portals listed below has a link to go straight there to add to our reviews if you would consider helping us out. Good feedback helps because it improves our visibility on the internet. If you are still undecided or have any questions then please contact us and we will be very pleased to help.

Course Reviews

What Others Have Said

Extremely useful course
By: Lauren Driver

This is a great course for anyone looking into getting chickens or to help refresh/ give advice for people who already have chickens. Lots of useful information for different methods on how to house and care for chickens. Definitely would recommend.

Extremely useful and informative
By: Sharon Parry

This course has given me a good broad base of information I need in order to start off my chicken journey as well prepared as possible. Lots of useful information and tips, which I will be following. Can't wait to get started.

Eggcelent Course
By: Thomas Clarkson

I had high eggs-pectations of this course and it was definitely worth it. The yolks on you if you don't get this course. lots of helpful information.

Great course
By: Judith Bye

I decided to take this course before taking the plunge and rehoming some rescue hens. I have completely changed my mind on the coop and run size after completing the course and I am now looking forward to getting some rescue hens. There is so much more to keeping chickens than I thought and this course provides you with that knowledge. Definitely worth taking.

By: Sue Woodhead

This course was super informative. Since doing the course I now have my first 4 rescue chickens and it helped me prepare for their arrival. I have referred to the lessons since collecting them and it has made me more confident. My girls (Whitney, Britney, Kylie and Missy) have had a really good transition and settled in well.

A Really Great Course!
By: Carolyn McCormick

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in keeping chickens. It is crammed full of most useful facts and practical advice from experts who are passionate about chickens and keen to share their knowledge and experience with other interested parties.

Very useful course, so glad I took it!
By: Suzanna Mavity

I bought this course online as I want to get some chickens for the garden. I’m so glad I did this before buying anything, it completely change my mind and perspective on equipment and it has saved me a lot of bad decisions! So useful.

Excellent Course
By: Stacey Melia

After completing the course I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering getting chickens. It covers every aspect of what is required and gives easy to understand advice and information in nice bite sized chunks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. I discovered there is a lot more to keeping healthy chickens than I thought and this course will prove invaluable going forward.

Great Course
By: Charlotte Stray

I have learned a great deal from this course and have already recommended it to a friend. Anyone thinking of keeping chickens should take this course.

Fantastic course
By: Louise Clifford

Well worth the money! I have learnt so much from this interactive course which I'd never have been able to do by reading books. I feel much more confident and prepared to start my chicken keeping journey. Highly recommend.

Brilliant Course!
By: Julia Holmes

The Online Chicken Keeping Course is such a good course for someone thinking about keeping chickens. There is so much to consider and this course covers it all, set out in an informative and easy to understand method. It is extremely good value, considering the amount of content. I cannot recommend it more highly

Very informative course.
By: Nick Wright

I have read several books on basic chicken keeping, but I have found this course to be the most comprehensive. I have changed my plans and moved away from an Eglu coop due to the advice given on the course. I also found the day-to-day sections useful to help work out how much time I would need to spend on daily/weekly cleaning etc. The advice on the different types of bedding was especially useful. I have made a note to purchase hemp or Probed bedding with some bio-dry to make cleaning easier.

Outstanding Course
By: Keith Le Poidevin

The online Hedgerow Henporium chicken keeping course is an absolute must for anyone like me who just weeks ago had no idea how to keep chickens or knew anything about them. Hedgerow have changed all that with this course. If you are serious about keeping chickens, spend your first £42 on this course. The information gained will set you up and give you confidence to begin looking after your chickens in an informed and enjoyable way. The course is a mini encyclopaedia of information, which is easy to follow through text, diagram, sound and video with a quiz at the end of each section to check your learning.

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Based on 10 reviews
Best place to buy your hens - birds are loved and handled gently- owners very knowledgeable. Thank you for spending so much time teaching me chickeny things! Michelle
Best place to buy your hens - birds are loved and handled gently- ow
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Happy with Peter Pecker the 2year old cockerel
Happy with Peter Pecker the 2year old cockerel
We Love Hedgerow Henporium
The third visit recently to adopt some new hens, our little flock is growing. Cannot fault Hedgerow Henporium, very helpful and friendly and the hens are always healthy. Having extended our hens living space I’m certain we’ll return soon for a couple more hens.
The third visit recently to adopt some new hens, our little flock is
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Happy Hens at Hedgerow Henporium
Fantastic henporium with only the best hens! We wouldn't go anywhere else! We have bought several chickens on different occasions and each time we have been so happy. They always give good advice & information plus they run courses to help you learn more. Our chickens are such fun, happy little souls... think we have started a chicken addiction so we will be visiting Hedgerow Henporium again for sure! X 👍 😁
Fantastic henporium with only the best hens! We wouldn't go anywhere
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Lovely chickens 🐔
Very helpful and chickens in great condition, Poloma,Dora the eggsplorer and Big Bertha are doing great.
Very helpful and chickens in great condition, Poloma,Dora the eggs
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Fabulous birds!
I have just bought 6 hens and a cockerel from Julie and Keith at Hedgerow Henporium and have to say the quality of service was excellent! The birds are all really healthy and have settled in well and are thriving. You get a very informative booklet with all the advice you need on caring for them and they are fully vaccinated. Julie and Keith have a wealth of knowledge and are very friendly and approachable. I would certainly recommend them and would use them again. Thank you so much to both.
I have just bought 6 hens and a cockerel from Julie and Keith at Hed
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New ladies for our flock
As with when we last bought chickens they are in good health and very friendly. They ladies have settled in now with our original girls. All beautiful birds. Julie was very knowledgeable about an issue with were having and was able advise us well. Thank you again. See pictures of 3 of our new girls.
As with when we last bought chickens they are in good health and ver
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Lovely chickens
Easy to get in touch with & great communication. Very knowledgeable about their chickens. Spoke about the breeds on the phone & I was given plenty of choices when I arrived. Chose 2 Black Rocks & 2 Brown Rocks and they are lovely and healthy. Great communication after the purchase too with answers to my questions, as being a first-time chicken owner I had a few! The whole process was made nice and simple so would not hesitate to recommend Hedgerow Henporium as a great place to get your chickens from.
Easy to get in touch with & great communication. Very knowledgeable
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Healthy, well-socialised birds.
Healthy, well-socialised birds.
Very happy 😊
We purchased our 3 hens (Betsy, Mabel and Matilda) from Julie 4 weeks ago. As first time hen keepers, Julie was extremely helpful and showed us how to handle them and provided some useful advice. It was clear they had been very well looked after. The girls settled into their new home quickly, are happy, healthy and full of character 😊.
We purchased our 3 hens (Betsy, Mabel and Matilda) from Julie 4 week
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Jorge Richards

14th October 2020

We purchased a trio of 18wk old Cochins at the end of the summer holidays; the birds were healthy, happy and friendly. They quickly settled in to their new coop and routine without any fuss. They’ve made friends with our dobermann, cats and children- they come running when the children come home from school and try to follow me back into the house every-time I come out to give them treats. They’ve been easy for our 4&6year olds to handle, and have been perfect garden mates. They’re developing into handsome little beasts with fantastic personalities (each of the three have their own quirks!) - as a first-time chicken keeper (silver-lining of lockdown’s disillusioned “egg-shortage” persuaded my partner to let me keep hens!) I found the Rehoming resource guide (given with the birds) really useful. Hedgerow Henporium have always been easy to get hold of, and very helpful each time. (I had been pestering them for months before the trio were available). I’m really impressed with the quality of birds they provided. I highly recommend Hedgerow Henporium!!


Joanne Hughes

30th July 2020

Just to let you know we had 7 chicks hatch from the fertile eggs. They’ve settled in well and we’re looking forward to them being part of our family!


Rosemarie Quinn

5th July 2020

Hedgerow Henporium helped us with our queries regarding having backyard chickens they were very knowledgeable and helpful in our decision to get chickens. We also got our first chickens from them after a sort time on the waitlist. Our girls are beautiful and have obviously been well cared for by Julie and Keith. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering getting chickens as they will answer your questions honestly and with first hand knowledge in chicken care. They were very professional and continue to support us in leaning the needs of our chickens.


Angela Griffiths

6th June 2020

We picked up 3 hens a few weeks ago and Julie was very welcoming. We put the cage by the front door and she put the chicks I. For us due to the covid virus. We were given a hen care sheet and she gave us lots of information about settling them in. My husband has rung her a few times with questions and she’s always been very helpful. We would recommend her any time if anyone wanted to get some chicks,


Sebastian Dembski

11th April 2020

Received two healthy chicks with useful and extensive instructions.


Lily Clough

26th May 2019

????? I found Julie at Hedgerow Henporium to be incredibly helpful and so knowledgable and the after-sales service is second to none. The hens (and cockerels !) are so well looked after and bouncing with health. I wouldn't go anywhere else if I want more chooks and cannot recommend highly enough ?????


Nicki Rogers

25th May 2019

Been back again and bought lovely 3 hens. Lovely knowledgeable lady clearly loves her hens and beautiful cockerels. Very well looked after .


Rachel Dooner

21st March 2019

Great place to buy chickens and learn about keeping them.


Kate Grannell

24th October 2018

So happy with our beautiful new hen addition to keep our other one company. She has a lovely temperament and Henporium gave great advice to make sure we chose the right one and knew how to take care of her. We were also able to purchase grit and other hen essentials Thank you xx

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Michelle Halewood

29th September 2021

This is a great place and the chickens are clearly loved. I had to change my arrival time and I was accommodated. I spent much longer collecting the chickens than planned but only because I needed to learn a few things which has proved immensely helpful. I am so happy with how healthy and happy these chickens are that I wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. Also the in-line course is excellent too and I would def recommend even if you have kept chickens in the past. What these people don’t know about chickens isn’t worth knowing and they clearly love them.


Lucy Byrom

22nd June 2021

I've always been so impressed with Julie's knowledge, passion and enthusiasm about chickens. I would recommend Hedgerow Henporium to everyone. I have had quite a few birds from Julie over the past few years. Birds are well cared for and Julie always goes the extra mile to help and give guidance. Such a fantastic service. Will continue to go back to Hedgerow.


Ellie Southworth

10th September 2020

We have used Julie at Hedgerow Henprorium twice now for hens. 2 years ago we added Suzie and Roxie to our flock (a Sussex and a Rhode Rock) and on Monday we picked up Flora and Bella (a Swedish flower and a BlackRock). Julie is passionate and caring and very knowledgeable, when you meet her you'll realise instantly that she truly cares about her birds and that they are loved and cared for. The set up Julie has implemented in response to COVID is really impressive, all her hens are kept in their back garden and due to restrictions in being in peoples homes she has a really good set up in the garage to show birds. We were pretty sure what we wanted and she still brought a couple of other option through so we could be sure. If you have an opportunity to do a course with her in the future, or if she does publish an online introduction to hen keeping (which she absolutely should!) I would strongly encourage anyone, new or old to keeping hens to take it as Julie is one in a million when it comes to knowing about these amazing animals! Thanks Julie and keep up the good work!


Rosemarie Handley

4th July 2020

We reached out to Hedgerow Henporium via email when considering getting some backyard chickens. We had lots of questions regarding setting up and looking after chickens. Thankfully Julie was very knowledgeable and happy to answer our questions. Once we were all set up we contacted them again to enquire about buying some of their hens. We went on the waiting list and after a sort time received an email with their stock update and were able to purchase 2 black marans and 1 creamy legbar. Julie was fantastic in advising us on the chickens, safe handling and caring for them. We also purchased some additional items from the store that they operate with chicken supplies. Our girls are beautiful and were clearly very well cared for by Julie and Keith. Thank you to both for their time and support in helping us set up our little flock of backyard chickens.


Tony Crone

6th May 2020

Got our girls on Monday, and have nothing but good things to say about Hedgergow, Julie was amazing, we spoke a few times over the past month regarding chicks, when they were at the age i was wanting to buy i found it easy to order. I have a large shed and run so wanted 6 girls to start my flock with and not be overwhelmed. they asked me why i wanted so many and made sure that we would actually eat 6 eggs a day and made sure i wasn't just someone buying for lock down . i felt reassured by this especially in current situation. i was able to get everything i needed from one place.. i will be using them for my feed and bedding in the future for sure and the will be my first choice when i expand my flock.


Rachel Dooner

25th November 2019

Great place for buying top quality chickens and other related items. Very knowledgeable and helpful. I Bought 3 Black rock chicks in the spring and now have 3 healthy good layers (& lots of yummy eggs).


Steph Ellis

26th May 2019

Genuinely warm and caring lady who goes above and beyond in aftercare of her chooks, (I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve contacted her when a chock has taken ill or done strange things and she has always been available and given great advice that’s worked) We started keeping chickens after a course in 2015 with Julie to help understand about how to care for them, since then we’ve been back many times to choose more chickens and have recommended Julie countless times. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get well cared for chooks and the dedication she puts into her flock of chooks is unmeasurable.



25th May 2019

Wonderful business - the customer care is brilliant, with professional advice on any of your poultry needs from the point of sale to the wonderful aftercare that I received. Beautiful natured birds that are extremely friendly and easy to handle make brilliant pets for the garden that lay delicious eggs.


Andy Antrobus

20th February 2019

Eggstra ordinary sevice

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Based on 65 Reviews

An excellent course and something everyone should do if they wish to keep chickens, you’ll learn a lot!


15th July 2021

It was a pleasure to meet Julie and purchase our beautiful black rock babies. They have settled in really well and are as cool has cucumbers.They are growing really fast and are the funniest little things I have ever seenIf your looking for quality chickens that are socially acclimatised then this is the place to go

Debbie Buckle

25th May 2021

Excellent service. There was a part missing in my delivery so they got in touch with the manufacturer direct for me and had it delivered to my address. Would defo recommend

Mr Welburn

13th May 2021

Annie Lentner

29th April 2021

Tim Palmer

26th April 2021

Very helpful with my enquiry..going beyond what I was asking about


23rd April 2021

I have just taken and completed the Foundation course for keeping chickens which was excellent and makes me feel a lot more confident with my new 6 chickens. Amazing course, great tests and a great overview of everything you need to know, I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about chickens. Well done guys GREAT JOB!

Mr Gray

10th April 2021

Brilliant course & good value for money! Extremely informative on all aspects & great support if you have any queries. Highly recommended!

Julia Holmes

24th March 2021

The website was easy to navigate and the product came well packaged, it was also a good price. Would use again.


12th March 2021
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