Biodri Coop Sanitising Powder

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Biodri is a super absorbent disinfecting, deodorising powder.

Ideal for use in all livestock housing and is suitable for use with animals and birds of all ages.

BioDri has a unique odour control formulation which eliminates strong ammonia smells.

BioDri is also excellent at absorbing water, this benefit is enhanced due to BioDri containing a Defra approved disinfectant BioVX, which helps control bacteria and viral challenges.

By drying out the litter, BioDri reduces the spread of Necrotic Enteritis and salmonella, amongst many other infections and generally reduces cross infections. It extends the life of your bedding.

Biodri does not contain poisons so is suitable for organic production. Sprinkle on top and under bedding of about a handful to a square metre of floor area and anywhere that moisture could spread disease such as around drinkers, coop floor, nestboxes, feeders and pop-holes.

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